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Pre-Purchase Home Inspection (Buyer) 

Our pre-purchase home inspection is a general "top-to-bottom" evaluation of the house structure and the major systems and components, such as the roof, electrical system, plumbing system, and air conditioning system.  On the surface a home may appear to be in good shape, but our experience from inspecting both new and older homes tells us that structural issues, electrical defects, and other significant problems are prevalent and that minor deficiencies generally affect all properties. Also, major maintenance and repair costs such as the need for replacement of the roof or air conditioning system may be a near term or immediate concern.  Our intent is to provide you with the facts concerning the real condition of the home so that you may proceed with knowledge and confidence.  With this information you can go about getting any deficiencies taken care of on your own, determine whether proceeding with the purchase of the home is prudent, or perhaps use this knowledge to negotiate the terms of your home purchase.

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